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If you want to laugh it out loud Viz magazine will definitely allow an opportunity. Viz magazine is a popular British comic magazine running since 1979. In fact it is often considered as one of the most popular magazines in Britain, however, its present circulation has dropped to around 70,000 per issue in recent times. It covers a wide genre of humor and satire mostly centered around:

  1. Toilet humor: A type of off-color humor dealing with bodily functions like defecation, urination, flatulence, vomiting etc.
  2. Black comedy: Dealing with dark issues topics or events that are usually considered a taboo in society.
  3. Surreal humor: Representation of the artistic aspirations of the surrealists based on bizarre juxtapositions, absurd situations and nonsense.
  4. Sexual comedy: Based on sexual behavior, beliefs and practices.
  5. Violent storylines: Satire based on violence by mocking or demeaning its seriousness.

The magazines most popular segments are the ones where the readers can contribute jokes, funny definitions and sayings and then add to the collection. Some of the popular sections which are regulars are:

  1. Letterbocks: Features funny letters posted by readers and also written by editor using funny names.
  2. Top Tips: Features funny and absurd tips, often sexual in nature or directed at getting free sexual service, posted by readers. It is an equivalent of women's magazine sections presented in a parody to such segments.
  3. Crap Jokes: Comic pictorial representation of hilarious moments.
  4. Profanisaurus: Sarcastic and funny word meanings. This is also open to readers for making posts.
  5. Photo Stories: Funny stories told through appropriate photographs.
  6. Sexiest Book of Records: Features hilarious instances where people have gone over board with their activities.

This apart the magazine also features funny news articles, comic strips, and spoof stories while its online version has animations, wallpapers, videos, webcam footage / grabs, games etc.Some characteristic features of the storylines and comic strips of Viz are:

  1. Characters often have humorous and rhyming taglines
  2. Many strips featuring celebrities and bizarre storylines have appeared only once
  3. Usually stories take place in the fictitious town - Fulchester
  4. Often lampoons political ideologies
  5. Celebrity humor is also very popular

The Viz magazine subscriptions are very reader friendly with several schemes that can prove very profitable to the readers. A reader can opt for an initial subscription of £ 1 for three issues. If he or she does not like the magazine after the three issues no more payment needs to be done after that initial £ 1.

However, a reader might like to continue with the subscription, in which case Viz has an offer of delivery at door step with a massive 21% off on shop price. The price to be paid on continuation (in UK) is £ 10.99 for every 5 issues. Viz has a provision of gifting a subscription to a near and dear one at £ 22.50 for 10 issues there by saving 19%. Subscriptions can also be made for delivery in USA, Canada and other countries.